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ltnal Institution focuses on two important aspects, namely:
1- Quality assurance and control:
A- Quality Assurance: mastering the work from the first time and in every time, but the Quality Control is represented by several matters, namely:
- Extreme care and attention to student.
- Focus on the processes and outcomes.
- Decision making based on facts.
- Attention to monitoring more than focusing on inspection.
- Attention to feedback and communication.
B- Strategic planning directed towards performance: Represented by the stated and the procedural plan, and which is based on database and real information, which when analyzing the following will appear: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A group of the following will emerge from the strategic planning: Annual, monthly, weekly, and daily plans, and every plan that emerged from the previous plan.
2- Training and Qualification : Training is considered as an effective way to achieve professional growth of human cadres in institutions, in particular the educational ones. In addition, it’s considered as an important introduction for acquiring knowledge and skills development, and trends modification, as well as it is an effective tool to improve the work and enhance performance. It is unavoidable necessity if properly planned, implemented, and monitored, and its impact assessed, for the purpose of constantly developing their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and workers conduct working, in order to exercise their roles and their responsibilities in an adequate and effective manner. This requires:
- Information gathering, classification and analysis.
- Identifying training needs.
- Implementing training programs.
- Evaluating Training Programs.
- Developmental feedback.


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